Free Dental Implants Consultation Las Vegas

When it comes to your smile and health of your mouth, there is no substitute for professional guidance and care.  For 30+ years, Dr. Chin at Dental Implants Las Vegas has been providing quality dental care for patients in Las Vegas, NV and neighboring states.  Dr. Chin has a special emphasis for patients who want fixed teeth, with no more removable dentures!  The best way to begin is a complimentary consultation.  So call our office at 702-876-6068We welcome second opinions!!

What to expect at Dental Implants Las Vegas?  :

  1. Expect a friendly voice to welcome you to our practice and schedule you and appointment time convenient for both of us.
  2. When you walk into our practice, expect a friendly smile to welcome you to our office and help you to feel comfortable as dental offices can be a scary place for many people.
  3. Our staff will give you a tour of our office and bring you to your personal dental suite for the day to gather information, such as: your main concerns, medical/dental history, examination and x-rays. Chin will review information gathered to custom tailor and present a treatment plan just for you.
  4. Our treatment coordinator will review your treatment to make sure it is what you want, then present financial options to reduce the cost of your procedure and coordinate treatment for your schedule and ours. In most cases we will presents costs at time of visit.

How can a free consultation help me at Dental Implants Las Vegas?  :

  1. The complimentary consultation is beneficial for both the dentist and patient. Chin has the opportunity to learn about your goals and wants as far as treatment, so that a very custom treatment plan can be made to accomplish what you want.
  2. As a patient, the consultation allows you free of charge to learn more of treatment options available to you as most people do not know. Then you can decide what you want or don’t want, as only you know this answer.
  3. You can learn of :
  • Fixed teeth options to get rid of your denture, so “No More Dentures!”
  • Removable teeth options, with and without implants
  • Save your teeth options
  • Traditional implants and small diameter implants, as we do the both, to better avoid bone grafting
  • How to phase your treatment, so you can go 1 step at a time
  • Sedation to make your visit easier for you, so you have little to no memory of the visit.
  1. Chin will work with you personally to provide the best care possible. Once your chief concerns have been determined, Dr. Chin can present treatment options, best for you.

To learn more of our services at Dental Implants Las Vegas, contact the office of Dr. Chin at 702-876-6068 to set up a free consultation.  We welcome new patients from Las Vegas and nearby communities and states.  See video of Dr. Chin, to learn more about what we offer.