The Same Day Mini Dental Implants Las Vegas

Dr. Chin is your Las Vegas Dental Implant Expert

LV Dental Experts offers Same Day ‘Minimally Invasive’ Mini Dental Implants

“Next-gen Mini Dental Implants are “Minimally Invasive” and are more COST-EFFECTIVE, needing only one surgery while helping bone retainment”

Dental implants are an incredible advancement in tooth replacement. An implant is essentially a titanium post which is placed into the jawbone where a tooth is missing. After a replacement tooth caps the post, the structure looks and functions just like a normal tooth.

Dr. Chin’s thirty years of experience and results help patients achieve long-term success with dental implants. He knows that overload is a primary cause of implant failure, so Dr. Chin has trained extensively in the latest techniques and technologies to avoid overload issues.

One-visit Next-Generation implants are the next step in implant technology. Next-generation implants are an excellent solution for anchoring not only crowns, but also bridges and dentures. This makes them especially useful for quickly and easily replacing multiple teeth.

Next-Generation Implants offer the same benefits as implants but they offer these advantages:

  • Next-Generation implants are superior to traditional implants (and in most cases, also more cost-effective)
  • Treatment can often be completed in one visit
  • The procedure is much less invasive – which means no incision and faster healing
  • Yields a higher success rate

Special Emphasis on Fixed Prosthodontics (Fixed Teeth) & Sedation

We also offer same-day next-generation implants and several dental implant options including All-On-4® and Fix-On-6®